Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap: Bell Aquaculture Top Ten Tweets

#1 – 51 Clicks – Nov 21, 2013: Hatchery International: Bell #Aquaculture turns 'Waste into Revenue http://ow.ly/r1YGS #FishFarming #RAS #recirc

#2 – 42 Clicks (in 2013) – posted Dec 10, 2012: Vancouver Sun: 'Fish grown in closed containment systems offer big environmental advantages' http://ow.ly/fYUOV

#3 – 30 Clicks – Aug 15, 2013: Bell Aquaculture Pres Norman McCowan Receives Indiana Agrivision Award http://ow.ly/nXZWi #BestPractice via @BellAquaculture

#4 – 29 Clicks – Feb 19, 2013: AAAS Annual Mtg News: 'Can Fish Farms Feed the World?' Bell Aquaculture photo shows RAS technology http://ow.ly/hQSyq

#5 – 15 Clicks – Mar 4, 2013: Organic Fish Fertilizer: Fish Rich® 2-2-2 available online now for your Spring Vegetable Garden http://ow.ly/ikmQd via @BellAquaculture

#6 – 14 Clicks – Sept 3, 2013: AgriNews: 'Hoosier is honored for commitment to aquaculture' http://ow.ly/ox4va #Indiana #AquacultureHub

#7 – 12 Clicks – Aug 14, 2013: Inside INdiana Business: 'Aquaculture on The Rise in Indiana' http://ow.ly/nWbvE

#8 – 10 Clicks – Sept 23, 2013: The Fish Site: 'Making Land-based Aquaculture more Sustainable' http://ow.ly/p8fJr

#9 – 10 Clicks – Feb 3, 2013: You can order Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer online... now.... http://ow.ly/hnkEp #OrganicFertilizer #OMRIListed via @BellAquaculture

#10 – 9 Clicks – Feb 14, 2013: Bell Aquaculture Named 'Industry of the Year' By Jay County Chamber of Commerce http://ow.ly/hnkEp #YellowPerch #Sustainability

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recirc In Action: 'New technology turns wastes into revenue at Indiana perch farm'

Quoting from the Nov/Dec Hatchery International:

"Bell Aquaculture, located at Redkey, in rural Indiana, is the world’s largest producer of yellow perch (Perca flavescens). The company has closed the perch lifecycle in land-based, closed-containment systems, and production is fully vertically integrated. It controls the broodstock, spawning, incubation, fry culture, growout, and year-round harvesting, processing and marketing of value-added fillets."

Link to the full article

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Conservation Fund: 'Putting Yellow Perch Back On The Menu'

Quoting from The Conservation Fund's October 8th Common Ground Newsletter:

"While the Indiana Soybean Alliance worked with Bell Aquaculture to develop soy-based feed for farm-raised Bell Perch®, our Freshwater Institute developed a land-based, closed fish farming system that uses just a small amount of water, requires no antibiotics and captures water waste to fertilize soybean fields. It’s a winning solution that offers economic and conservation benefits, while putting yellow perch back on the menu for fish lovers across the region."

Link to TCF Common Ground

Link to the full article 'Sustainable Fish Success In Indiana'

Also read "Face Of This Place: Norman McCowan, President Of Bell Aquaculture In Indiana"

Quoting from the interview with Bell Aquaculture President Norman McCowan:

"You run one of the most successful aquaculture companies in the nation, how did you get interested in aquaculture?

In the mid-80’s, I raised bait fish. This was my hobby and passion; I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was aquaculture. Learning the water chemistry and fish husbandry in an effort to keep bait fish alive so that I could trout line Indiana’s Wabash River was my first step into aquaculture. At this point I was working in the automotive industry where I really learned about efficiency. I was approached for some consulting work for Bell Aquaculture because I knew about fish husbandry and eventually was hired on full time. My drive to push efficiency into the business and my passion to expand aquaculture is ultimately what led me to be named as president and COO in 2010."

Monday, September 23, 2013

'Making Land-based Aquaculture more Sustainable'

Quoting from The Fish Site today:

"Earlier this month, an International symposium brought together people from 15 countries to discuss how to improve land-based aquaculture, including its performance, sustainability, and cost of raising salmon and other fish...

...'For the first time this industry is seeing a technology that is scalable and gets a return on investment,' said Norman McCowan, President, Bell Aquaculture. The Freshwater Institute designed a closed-containment system for Bell to raise its signature perch on land that conserves water, reduces fertilizer use and provides chemical- and pesticide-free healthy fish for human consumption."
Link to The Fish Site

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lakeside Views: 'Aquaculture industry continues to grow in the Midwest'

Quoting from the 9/12 posting:

"IISG staff will have the opportunity to see aquaculture in action next week while touring the Bell Aquaculture facility in Albany, IN. IISG's Kwamena Quagrainie has been studying and providing expert advice to aquaculture operations in the Midwest and worldwide for many years, and will be giving the staff more information on how the facility provides millions of pounds of sustainably grown fish to the market each year."

Link to the posting

Link to the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Aquaculture webpage

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AgriNews: 'Hoosier is honored for commitment to aquaculture'

Quoting from today's posting by Ashley Bechman:

"The only thing fishy about this year’s Indiana Agrivision Award recipient is his passion for aquaculture and growing it into a billion-dollar industry.

Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann presented Norman McCowan, president and chief executive officer of Bell Aquaculture in Redkey, with the Indiana Agrivision Award, which is given to a Hoosier involved in agriculture for their demonstration, vision, innovation and leadership in the industry...

...McCowan, who was nominated for the award by his peers in the agriculture community, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Indiana Soybean Alliance, noted that his love for fish stems from his childhood days when he would catch minnows and figure out the water and the temperature in which the fish thrived. Today, that boyhood hobby has turned into something much bigger as McCowan now oversees all of the work that goes into producing Bell Aquaculture’s farm-raised yellow perch."
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

SeafoodSource: 'McCowan honored for aquaculture work'

Quoting from the August 16th posting:

"The president of an Indiana-based aquaculture company has been honored with an award for work in his field.

Norman McCowan, the president of Bell Aquaculture, received the Agrivision Award this week, recognizing him as a leader of the agricultural community in Indiana."
Link to SeafoodSource.com